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13 Reasons Why Review & Run down – Is it innapropriate?

Obvious spoiler alert! 

(Will be discussing self harm, rape, suicide and mental illness, if you are sensitive about any of those topics then please simply click off!)

Hmm, my first dive into a blog post about something quite controversial – wish me luck!

On March 31st 2017, 13 Reasons Why, was available to stream on Netflix. Immediately causing the whole internet to erupt, in love and hate, some saying the series is glorifying suicide, others saying it’s exactly what the world needs to hear right now. 

There are two episodes which show rape. No, they don’t just talk about rape, they literally show it happening. Once where Bryce had sex with an unconscious girl, Jessica, at a party, and another where Bryce raped Hannah in the spa at another party. Nothing about it is held back, you watch the scenes unfold and you watch everything go down. Definitely uncomfortable to watch but opened my eyes to the world around us and really brought the issue to a different level for me.

The last episode shows Hannah committing suicide. She begins cutting her arms in the bathtub, which is extremely graphic, you then watch her slowly drift into unconsciousness and she passes away, right in front of the camera. Her parents are then shown walking in and finding their deceased daughter in a pool of blood, screaming to call 911– Yeah, definitely one of the hardest scenes to watch.

One of the most challenging things for me was watching the characters deal with Hannah’s suicide. Quite often, a common thought for suicidal people is that nobody will miss them, or nobody will care when they’re gone. This series outlines the fact that suicide definitely had a more long lasting effect than that.

The series brings up a lot of issues facing teens nowadays, a lot of which are quite often never spoken about, rape, rumours, suicide, etc, but maybe it’s time that we start. Maybe we need to step up and speak about topics that are uncomfortable, and that are awkward, to make these issues less scary, less hidden, less ignored, which will make victims feel less isolated.

Maybe it’s hard to watch, uncomfortable, stressful, terrifying, and saddening, but maybe that’s exactly what we needed to see.

Let me know your thoughts, good or bad, on this show. I’d love to hear your opinions!

Is 13 Reasons Why appropriate? Our some scenes maybe too graphic? Comment below!
Shannon X