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Stress and Perfectionist-ism.


Only one word, with many meanings, but often holding a lot of impact.

I’ve been stressed recently, I have a lot of tests and assignments within such a short period, and it’s making life quite difficult lately. My life definitely isn’t hard – not at all! I am thankful to be attending a great school, being taught by incredible teachers, surrounded by great people and amazing family, I live in a nice house with my family in a beautiful area, with so many priveleges that I’m forever grateful for. But sometimes – it all gets too much.

Something I struggle with a lot is my perfectionist-ism. I care so much that I no longer care at all. I want good grades but sometimes it’s easier to not try at all, instead of trying my hardest. So that’s exactly what I do, perform badly, making myself worried but I cover it with an “I don’t care” attitude. 

I crave success, happiness, contentness and strong relationships with others. But putting in effort is hard for me. I’m not lazy, I’m just scared of failure. I’ve come to terms with it but I’m still on a very long road to improvement. 

I don’t know why I’m posting this. I just need to talk about it. Maybe it will help some of you (??) But I’m sorry for rambling.

I know these blog posts aren’t everyones cup of tea. But I needed to let it out. If you are feeling like this or are being impacted by stress at all, let me know below and we can have a chat. I love talking with you all.

I would also like to acknowledge and pay my respects to Manchester. Such a horrible situation, I won’t go into detail but I’ve been thinking of the victims everyday, absolutely heartbreaking!

Thanks for reading!

Have you been through stressful times? How did you deal with it?

Shannon x